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India has emerged as a decisive environmental, social, economic and political power. Earth Day Network’s India Program, headquartered in Kolkata, engages partners to build and enhance the region’s civic mobilization and leadership in the environmental movement.

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Earth Day 2015 Campaign for Schools

It's Our Turn to Lead: Be a Paryavaran Mitra

In collaboration with Earth Day Network, Center for Environment Education ran a campaign to have heads/educational administrators of educational institutions create video pledges to make their school campuses more environmentally-friendly. Pledges recorded by the students have been placed on public websites. The focus areas included conserving water, managing waste, adding green cover, reducing carbon emissions and shifting to renewable energies. Many of the pledges made were related to water – the lack of it (install rainwater harvesting), the wastage of it (greater awareness built amongst the students), the need to ensure that the water is drinkable and not infested with bacteria, and that drainage systems are in place so that rainwater doesn't flood the classrooms. Other pledges included those to plant trees, shrubs, vegetables and herbs in all available vacant spaces, pots, and rooftops. This is significant as present statistics indicate that green cover comprises only 16 % of most Indian cities.

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