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Shamim Ahmed Mridha
Location: Bangladesh
Title: Founder & CEO, Eco-Network

23-year-old, Shamim is the Founder and CEO of Eco-Network, a youth organization working in 9 countries of Asia & Africa on Climate Change and Environmental issues. The main objective of his organization is to ensure environmental sustainability through mobilization of knowledge and research.

In just 2 year’s time, Eco-Network has around 150 members in Bangladesh and 13 campus ambassadors. Moreover, it has recruited 9 regional ambassadors in Nepal, Bhutan, India, China, Sierra Leone, Cameroon etc.

They have different projects going on and “Climate education project” aims to ensure proper knowledge on Climate Change & other environmental issues from the very beginning of life. Shamim believes that early learning helps to impact a positive behavioral change of the new generation, that is important to protect our planet.

Clarence Gio Almoite
Location: Philippines
Title: President, Youth for Earth Society

23-year-old Clarence is leading an organisation called “Youth for Earth Society” – an environmental wing of the Youth Advocates for the Philippines.

A student of Benguet State University, Clarence advocates for environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, and ecosystem restoration. Recently, he became one of the 14 youth representatives (Youth Task Force) for the World Environment Day organised by the UNEP-Major Group for Children and Youth. He recently organized an international environmental conference that saw over 40 countries present with 2,000 youth delegates and had international speakers for the conference from the UK to Zambia.

Afa Hussain
Location: Maldives
Title: Founder of BeLeaf

Concerned by the negative impacts of development and urbanization, 23-year-old Afa found her own youth led environmental movement called BeLeaf, Maldives. She has carried out many projects and events such as community cleanups, ocean cleanups, tree plantation programs and awareness sessions (from school kids to island councilors) etc.

Afa uses her voice in various international and national platforms to raise awareness about climate change, conservation and unsustainable development and has made sure that her voice reaches up to the policy level. Through the movement, she has inspired several youth in Maldives for voluntarism and environmental advocacy. Her environmental efforts have been widely covered by several national and international organizations like UNICEF Maldives, UNICEF South Asia among many others.

She also spoke at the South Asian Parliamentarian Platform for Children in Colombo in presence of parliamentarians and youth delegates from South Asian countries to push the national agendas for the realization of child rights.

Ralyn Satidtanasarn (Lilly)
Location: Thailand
Title: Climate Activist

12-year-old environmentalist has been vocal about the problems of consumption and waste, taking time out of school to meet with government ministers, campaigning to build a student movement for behaviour change and climate action. She has started becoming a part of the environmental movement since she was eight. Since then she has been meeting with mall executives to demand reductions in single-use plastic waste. Central Group’s recent decision to stop automatic bagging in its malls is due in part to her petition.

On September 2019, Lilly joined a ‘die-in‘protest in front of Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to symbolize the worsening climate crisis.

Michelle Dilhara
Location: Sri Lanka
Title: Sri Lankan actress, an author, philanthropist , singer and environmental activist

24-year-old, Michelle is a Sri Lankan actress, an author, philanthropist and environmental activist. She is also the Founder of Invisible to Visible Movement. In 2018 she won the Asia Inspiration Award at the South Asian Youth Summit held in Colombo for her contribution towards Social invisibility.

In 2019 she received the National Youth Icon Award 2019 at the World Youth Summit held in New Delhi, India for her book Social Invisibility is not a Fiction it Exists and for her theory, Theory of Alternative Social Cogwheel.

In the year 2020 she was nominated as the Best Upcoming Actress and also was nominated for the Raigam Tele’es Most Popular Actress Award of the year 2019 in the Raigam Tele’es award ceremony.

Ridhima Pandey
Location: India
Title: Climate Activist

12-year-old, Ridhima Pandey was one of the 16 young activists along with Greta Thunberg who filed a lawsuit in the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child. She is a driving force behind a 52-page petition before the National Green Tribunal on how the government has failed to scientifically tackle climate change. Ridhima speaks at several national, international platforms on climate change and is also very vocal on climate change issues demanding urgent actions from the government.

Aditya Dubey
Location: India
Title: Founder, Plant a Million Trees

16-year-old, Aditya is the Founder of Plant a Million trees initiative found by him in the year 2016. In the year 2019, Aditya distributed 1.5 lakh seed orbs to fight air pollution as part of his ‘Each one Plant one’ campaign.

Aditya filed a petition before the National Green Tribunal urging e-commerce platforms to rethink the amount of plastic they use. In response to his petition, the Tribunal called for a status report from the Central Pollution Control Board. PVR and Burger King announced going single-use plastic free and others are following too with recent announcement made by Amazon India that it will eliminate single use plastic in its packaging.

Vishnu PR
Location: India
Title: Consultant

Vishnu helps with programs and outreach to all the Southern States of India. At a young age, Vishnu has achieved wide platforms. Vishnu was the only Indian to get selected in the first UN Youth climate summit at UNHQ, New York. He was also the selected delegate to the first UNESCO MGIEP World Youth Conference on Kindness, World Youth Forum at Egypt. He has a Disaster Resilience Leadership Fellowship and received Compassionate Integrity Training by LIFE University. In partnerships with the Change Can Change Climate Change (C5) Foundation, he puts together programs that focus on mitigation and on adaptation tools for tackling the problem of man-made climate change. Vishnu has a BA in Sociology and a Masters in International Business.

Jesper Nepomucenok
Location: Philippines
Title: Program Officer, Philippines

Jesper Nepomuceno serves as the Program Officer for Earth Day Network Philippines, Inc. He has a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Political Science from Ateneo de Manila University. Jesper began his career volunteering for various international, environmental organizations, and is currently involved in promoting the environmental and sustainability campaigns of the EDNPI through managing its social media profiles.