April 22 - Earth Day

Earth Day 2010: Honoring 40 Years

From climate rallies to engaging civil leaders in plans to build a green economy, more than one billion people around the world took action for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in 2010, making it a turning point for the environmental and climate change movements.

Earth Day Network worked with more than 22,000 partners worldwide to move climate and other environmental civic actions forward, creating the largest global response ever to climate change, an international environmental network of nearly one million people that buttresses our collective capacity to fight for solutions.  In a few short weeks, we created  connected through the online action center at EarthDay.org.

International Earth Day 2010 Accomplishments
• In just a few months, Earth Day Network logged more than 40 million environmental actions towards the goal of a Billion Acts of Green™, from large-scale climate petition drives to voter registration, city-wide light-bulb change outs, and massive coral reef and beach cleanups. Our goal is to reach a Billion Acts of Green by Earth Day 2011 to demonstrate to world leaders the global commitment to environmental change leading up to the Rio + 20 Summit in 2012.
• Through the Global Day of Conversation, over 400 elected officials, including mayors, in more than 40 countries, representing tens of millions of citizens, participated in active dialogues with their constituents about their efforts to create sustainable green economies and reduce their carbon footprints. 
• Over one million students abroad participated in school greenings, from community-wide clean ups to installing solar energy systems to creating school gardens to adopting an environmental curriculum.
• Earth Day Network announced a partnership with the Avatar Home Tree Initiative to plant a million trees in 16 countries in 2010.
• In partnership with the Peace Corps, Earth Day Network worked with local volunteers to implement environmental and civic education programs, tree-plantings, village clean-ups and recycling seminars in some of the most remote, under-served areas of the Earth, including Ukraine, the Philippines, Georgia, Albania and Paraguay.
• In Kolkata, India, we watched as our plans for a small series of sponsored events evolved into a nationwide presence, 17 cities large. Earth Day Network partnered with global and local NGOs and local government officials to coordinate city and village clean-ups, environmental rallies and educational programs for underprivileged children. Earth Day Network has now established an office in Kolkata.
• In China, 10 universities participated in month-long efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of their communities, with students making lifestyle changes such as recycling and using public transportation.
• In Morocco, the government announced an unprecedented National Charter for the Environment and Sustainable Development, the first commitment of its kind in Africa and the Arab world, which will inform new environmental laws for the country. The Kingdom of Morocco also pledged to plant a million trees in 2010.
• In Afghanistan, Earth Day Network worked with more than 40 government and village leaders across the country on environmental practices, including recycling programs, clean water and alternative energy.
• On April 22, the President of Mozambique led a country-wide tree-planting initiative in schools in the city of Maputo, while Earth Day Network greened 40 schools globally, launching its international green school program.
• Earth Day Network partnered with Carbon War Room to convene 200 of the world’s most important entrepreneurs for the Creating Climate Wealth Summit, which examined groundbreaking ways to solve climate change and create a new green economy based on renewable energy.

U.S. Earth Day Accomplishments:
The Climate Rally – Earth Day Network’s flagship event on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., drew more than 225,000 activists to demand that the U.S. Congress pass comprehensive climate legislation in 2010.  Earth Day Network provided buses to The Climate Rally from 10 East Coast, Midwest and mid-Atlantic cities, and flew in representatives from Alaska, Arkansas, Indiana, Maine and Montana.  The nine-hour event featured more than 70 high-profile speakers, including leaders from the faith, labor, civil rights, business, and environmental communities, leading climate scientists, celebrities, cabinet secretaries, international political leaders and local government officials.
• Earth Day Network partnered with over 100 national U.S. organizations that actively participated in Earth Day 2010 and the Billion Acts of Green™ campaign through service and advocacy activities. Schools, businesses, churches and environmental groups posted more than 6,000 Earth Day events to EarthDay.org.
• Through its religious partnerships, Earth Day Network reached over 25,000 congregations, encouraging participation in Earth Day Sunday and  environmentally conscious Earth Day sermons.
• With Earth Day 2010, Earth Day Network tripled its e-mail list to over 900,000 supporters who we will continue to activate and provide opportunities to act positively on behalf of the environment.