Earth Day Network, Partners Give Congress Smart Green Budget

In the spirit of smarter federal budgeting, Earth Day Network and 34 partner organizations yesterday delivered "Green Budget 2012" to Congress, their annual recommendations for priority funding to support our nation’s most important environmental and natural resource protection programs.

At a time when conservatives repeat a mantra of better government spending, Green Budget 2012 shows environmentalists are recommending spending that will not only protect the environment, but the health and welfare of millions of Americans affected by funding decisions of the 112th Congress.  Their recommendations span each government agency, working to ensure that environmental education, sustainable building grants, workforce training and education in clean industries, and public information campaigns on the impacts of climate change are part of the new fiscal plan.

As our nation continues to face the reality of recovery and cutting spending, the Green Budget 2012 organizations also recognized the responsibility of Congress to address irresponsible funding measures.  The Green Budget recommends eliminating spending for programs that pollute and harm our land, water, wildlife and, in turn, all Americans.

Earth Day Network looks forward to seeing the congressional response, with continued hope that our nation’s leaders will make the Green Budget 2012 their Act of Green, moving us towards a healthier America and planet.