DC Flexes Its Green Muscle

Of all the cities in America, Washington, DC should have heard President Obama’s State of the Union address the loudest and clearest, and under Mayor Vincent Gray’s leadership, the city is showing that it has.  The nation's capital is taking great strides to “boost the growth of green jobs,” among other environmental improvements. 

Directly aligned with Global Day of Conversation 2011, Mayor Gray recently committed to boosting green jobs through natural restoration projects, such as the Watts Branch Watershed Project. The project, which aims to restore the watershed to reduce erosion and support aquatic life and vegetation, is a step toward promoting the kinds of innovative sustainability solutions President Obama has called upon Americans to achieve. Not only does watershed restoration benefit our health and environment, it provides large economic incentives for cities to invest in restorations. According to a report from Wildlands CPR, it costs the U.S economy $63 billion per year to remove sediment from rivers and counter the damage done by erosion, such as clearing roads. This means more money allocated for better schools, safer cities and pothole repairs. The road to sustainability may be bumpy, but DC has definitely started paving the road for other cities to follow.

It all starts with a community conversation to initiate new sustainable measures that can grow a green economy in your city!  A Global Day of Conversation is the perfect opportunity to engage local leaders and constituents in forming a cleaner, healthier and wealthier community.  Sign up for your Global Day of Conversation event TODAY!