Trouble in the Serengeti

The famed Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is home to the world’s single largest wildlife migration.  Over two million species of animals, including half a million wildebeest and some 250,000 zebras, travel these lands each year in search of greener pastures.  This Great Migration is among the most amazing assemblies of wildlife on the planet. 

But this incredible spectacle is jeopardized by a controversial highway bill recently approved by the Tanzanian government.  The planned roadway would directly intersect the wildebeest migration path and could have devastating environmental effects on the overall area’s wildlife. Some wildlife experts say that wildebeest populations could drop by as much as 50% if the highway is built, impacting the entire ecosystem. The time for action to save the Great Migration is upon us, and one of Earth Day Network’s trusted partners in Tanzania is working to save it at the source.

Kyela Envirocare and Cultural Tourism is an environmental group based out of Tanzania.  For Earth Day 2011, they are informing the public about the dangers associated with the highway plan. Their actions include a petition to block the highway’s construction and the planting of 10,000 trees. Earth Day Network is proud to work with an organization that is working to save one of our planet’s greatest treasures.

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