Be Creative on Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every year in a variety of ways, through tree plantings, beach cleanups, community recycling drives, and many more eco-inspired gatherings. However, Splurge Art Gallery in Bucerias, Mexico has decided to take a different approach to their Earth Day celebration. The gallery plans to inspire environmental awareness by hosting a charity art gala.     

On the evening of April 22, 2011, Splurge Art Gallery will host an Earth Day event entitled “The Underwater Critters of Banderas Bay”. The art exhibition will showcase the works of eight talented marine photographers from the United States and Mexico. All proceeds from this special event will be used to benefit the Bahía de Banderas (Bay of Flags) and its fragile ecosystems.
The population of Bahía de Banderas over the past decade has grown significantly due to the beauty of the coast and the diverse ocean life, including an annual birthing ground for several Humpback whales. Population growth in the region is effecting the natural environment.  Tourism, while an important source of income for many residents, has placed stress on the area's vibrant marine life. 

Many of the photographs for sale at the Gala feature local wildlife and are visually stunning. But these photos aren't just great shots; they also allow Splurge Art Gallery to show off the “critters” it aims to protect.   

Earth Day can be a chance to bring awareness to an environmental issue in your community that you think needs to be addressed, just like Splurge Art Gallery did in their own backyard.  While eco-fairs and park pick-ups are great ways to build awareness and a crowd on April 22, remember that your creative side can also inspire activism!