Ghanaians Plant Moringas for a Healthy Earth Day!

As contributions continue to pour into Earth Day Network’s Billion Acts of Green® campaign, we are constantly impressed with the actions from partners around the globe who are committing monumental acts of sustainability for their communities and the world. Inspired by the vision and goals of Earth Day, Green Ghana Volunteers, a community-based volunteer partnership program based in Accra, Ghana, is promoting environmental sustainability in a big way!

Over the next 4 months, the Green Ghana Volunteers will plant 100,000 Moringa seedlings across the greater Accra region. The Moringa tree was specifically chosen for its incredible nutritional and medicinal properties. Therefore, these trees will not only benefit the degraded land of Accra, but will also be used to help provide a better livelihood and health for the people of Ghana.

By planting all of these trees, Green Ghana Volunteers are doing their part in the global fight against climate change. Just to make sure that Earth Day’s influence was not lost in their environmental message, Green Ghana Volunteers has agreed to plant 20,000 of these seedlings on April 22 to commemorate Earth Day 2011! Check out the Green Ghana Volunteer event on the Billion Acts of Green® website for more information on their tree-planting event. While you are there, don’t forget to join the largest environmental service campaign in the world and register your very own Act of Green today!

For even more information on how to get involved with Green Ghana Volunteers and to learn about their relationship with the Earth Day Network, you can visit their profile on our website.