Going Green in Iraq

Iraq faces serious environmental problems, running the gamut from biodiversity to waste management. That’s hardly surprising. Events from 1980 to the present day have created challenges precluding Iraq from becoming a hotbed of environmentalism. Today, we feature one partner organization working hard to reverse that trend.

This week, the group “Together” organized three events to inspire students and teachers to go green in honor of Earth Day 2011. In a single week, Together motivated over 145 Iraqi students between 16-19 years old to take part in environmental events in their communities. We think that is a huge accomplishment.
First, “Together” brought 120 students together from the Baghdad and Kurdistan regions for a screening of environmental videos. The event featured footage from the 2010 Earth Day Climate Rally and other Earth Day educational materials. The purpose: to show how other communities celebrate Earth Day and to inspire the students with ideas for celebrating Earth Day this year. 
The second event included 15 members of Venus School Club for Girls in Erbil and was attended by two members of the Kurdish Parliament. The girls conducted a local cleanup on the grounds of their school and around the Erbil Children’s Hospital. 
“Together” also hosted 10 students from the Venus School Club to present Earth Day 2011 educational materials and an Arabic Song that advises listeners to protect the environment. The girls were moved to action and pledged to conduct a recycling drive as their Earth Day 2011 initiative.
Our thanks to “Together” for making environmental service and education a priority in Erbil, Iraq - your work is truly inspiring.