Goldman Winners Announced in Time for Earth Day

The mission of the Goldman Environmental Prize is to honor grassroots environmental heroes from all over the world for their consistent efforts to protect communities and enhance the natural environment. Each winner receives $150,000 to further his or her work and gains worldwide visibility. Through recognizing these leaders, the Goldman Prize hopes to inspire ordinary people to take courageous actions to protect the planet.

Earth Day Network is a nominating organization for the Goldman Prize, and so we are very excited about the announcement of the following inspiring winners:

Aleta Baun organized hundreds of local Indonesian villagers to peacefully occupy marble mining sites. These protests stopped the destruction of sacred forest land on Mutis Mountain on the islahnd of Timor.

Rossano Ercolini, an elementary school teacher in Tuscany, Italy, started a public education campaign about the dangers of incinerators. The campaign became a national Zero Waste movement.


Nohra Padilla, against all odds due to political opposition and violence, organized Colombia's marginalized waste pickers to make recycling a legitimate part of waste management.

Jonathan Deal waged a successful campaign against fracking in South Africa to protect the Karoo, a semi-desert region treasured for its agriculture, beauty and wildlife.

Kimberly Wasserman led local Chicago residents in a campaign to close two of the country's dirtiest coal plants. She is now transforming the city’s old industrial sites into parks and multi-use spaces.

Azzam Alwash, gave up a comfortable life in California to return to Iraq to help local communities restore the once-lush marshes that were turned to dust bowls during Saddam Hussein's rule.

If you would like more information, please visit the Goldman Prize website.