Youth to March at Earth Day on the National Mall

My name is Lucy and I’m the organizer for the iMatter March, part of the “Mobilize the Earth” Earth Day event on the National Mall. Last year, I helped organize the iMatter Marches that took place in 160 locations, in over 40 countries. Youth around the world marched with one message: Live as if the future matters.

This year, I invite you to join me and the rest of iMatter for the “2012 iMatter March to Choose Your Future.” I’m committed to making this the biggest youth Earth Day march ever because I know in my heart that our voices need to be heard. If you feel this in your heart as well meet at 11:30 am at 12th St. and Madison Dr. NW on the National Mall at the iMatter Tent to join in this call to action.

Youth under 24 represent nearly 40% of the global population, and will suffer the most from inaction. As major stakeholders in the climate crisis, we have the moral authority to demand action. Young people sit squarely on the tragic side of climate change, but we will not stand by and suffer these changes idly.

We will march to remind our government that climate change is a human rights issue that will affect our youngest generation the most. We will march to remind Earth Day goers that saving the environment is more than protecting the polar bears—it is about the safety, health and prosperity of our generation and those to come. And we will march to show the world that it is time we “Choose Our Future.”  

So, which side are you on? This moment in time, at this point in history, the opportunity is ours. Will you join me? It’s going to take all of us to fight so that inaction doesn't determine the course of our lives. It's up to us to Choose Our Future.

If you’re not in DC, don’t worry; your voice can still be heard. Organize your own iMatter March in solidarity. Grab some friends, make some signs, and march down your local streets or hit your nearby Earth Day event! It’s not too late.

Don’t forget to check out the iMatter Facebook and Twitter feed and share a story about the future you choose. Email if you are interested in volunteering.