Going Global

Earth Day 2012 is a global holiday.  With Earth Day events occurring in almost every country on the planet the international response to the environmental movement has been tremendous.  With only 60 days left until April 22nd, the international community is already organizing Earth Day activities in every corner of the globe.  Check out some highlights below, and don’t forget to login and register your own Earth Day Event today!

Throughout Africa, Earth Day Network is working with partner organizations on the ground to organize events surrounding Earth Day 2012 and A Billion Acts of Green®.  One such partner, Strong Roots based out of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has already planted 200,000 trees as part of A Billion Acts of Green. For Earth Day 2012 they are hosting an environmental education program for adults and children.  The program aims to empower and transfer skills and knowledge for the long term preservation of protected areas and forests across the DRC. The program involves 21 schools across the country and will take place on Earth Day 2012.

In Europe, several schools are actively helping children understand the problems facing the environment. A group of primary school students in Amaliada, Greece is particularly excited about participating in Earth Day this year. Amaliada is well known for its gorgeous flowers and beautiful beaches. For Earth Day 2012, children are incorporating this culture into their event. Students will learn about the natural processes surrounding plant life and coastal regions and how they can work to make sure they are protected and preserved. 

On the other side of the globe, in Asia, the Center for Sustainable Development Studies is planning an environmental clean-up campaign on Earth Day to help reduce and separate waste in a small village of Vietnam.

In Colombia, the Clean Garbage Project is working to raise awareness about recycling through art installations and galleries, film showings and photographic exhibitions. Through the contributions of 200 different artists, the Clean Garbage Project has already educated about 20,000 people about the importance of recycling. The Project hopes to garner enough support to convince the Colombian government to adopt a mandatory recycling program nation-wide.

These are just some of the hundreds of Earth Day events that are already taking shape in countries across the globe.  These events show that despite cultural differences, people all over the world are concerned for their environment, which they are trying to protect in every way possible.  Join us and others from all over the world as we work to Mobilize the Earth and make April 22, 2012, one of the most important days in the history of the global environmental movement.