The Story of Broke

We're often told that there is no money to spend on jumpstarting the green economy. These days when you turn on the radio, go online or watch the nightly news the word that is singed into our collective psyche is austerity. Our elected officials try to tell us that we have to cut spending on vital programs which would put hundreds of thousands of people into hardship. They tell us that we must reduce the deficit at all costs even if it means that we balance it on the backs of people. The same goes for our national debt and the push to have it paid down at all costs. It's time we decide which comes first, the well-being of the nation or special interests?

So are we really broke as a nation? Well, to help answer that question the folks over at The Story of Stuff have produced a new video called The Story of Broke. 

After watching this short video you will come to realize that we are far from broke. We just don't have our priorities set in the right order. We spend our tax dollars on programs that are inefficient or even unnecessary. We subsidize the wrong industries and neglect those working on securing our economic and environmental future.