World Oceans Day

Growing up on the coast of Florida meant not only warm winters and hot summers, more knowledge than I care to admit about mosquitoes, and a discerning palate for orange juice, but also seeing the ocean as not only as a part of the landscape, but as an important part of life to those on land and those who call it home. Having the ocean as such an integral part of my life, taught me that while this part of the Earth may be vast and daunting, it is even more so fragile and often falls victim to the small actions we make on a day to day basis.

For our family, the ocean was not only crucial to my recreation, but also the source of my family's livelihood. My first mode of transportation was a kayak and my sports were on the ocean. I have saltwater in my veins. When other children were playing on softball teams or having tea parties with their dolls, I was knee deep in salt water, catching and identifying the small denizens of tide pools made by the jetty at the beach with my father- a marine biologist.

Even though the ocean is vast and powerful, the smallest alteration to it can change it forever. The intricacies of the ocean currents, the way a ripple in the ocean floor can shape a wave, the dependence of a gigantic whale on an almost invisible shrimp; these balances must be maintained if we are to protect our oceans.

Everything is connected. With the issue of Climate Change becoming more and more prominent in the news and policy, the oceans are constant reminders of how the environment is being affected. Despite deniers, we know that Climate Change is real and more importantly that it is critically affecting our oceans.

It is amazing to me that on a planet that is predominantly covered by water, we know more and spend more money on learning about space. We have yet to realize everything in the ocean, and every day, more and more discoveries are being made that could save lives.

But it isn't all doom and gloom. You can make a difference! With June 8th, 2011 being World Oceans Day, take the time to look at your daily choices and make the commitment to live with the ocean in mind, no matter where you live. In the same way that a collection of small actions has created these problems, individuals can make changes, both large and small that can help us save the oceans. By joining Earth Day Network in our A Billion Acts of Green® campaign, every step that you take towards helping save the oceans is counted. For more information on Earth Day Network on the "Billion Acts of Green®" campaign, please visit our website at