National Coalition Honors Lisa Jackson as Steward of God's Creation

Environmentalists of faith bestowed their 2011 Steward of God's Creation upon EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson for her "courage and resolution in the face of opposition of multinational corporations" at the National Religious Coalition on Creation Care's (NRCCC) sold-out prayer breakfast last week. 

Carlos Agnesi, Ecology Director of the Inter-Religious Council of Mexico and Advisor to President Felipe Calderón, declared: "Ms. Jackson, more than any other person, is the principal steward of the great gifts of God's creation in America -- great gifts we hold in trust as citizens commissioned to care for and safeguard the land, water, air and the life of the Earth as responsible and faithful stewards."

Administrator Jackson followed in the footsteps of such illustrious award winners as former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and Dr. James Hansen, formerly of NASA.

The breakfast award ceremony was a highlight of the NRCCC's Washington Week of lobbying Capitol Hill legislators, which has seen Christian and Jewish organizational leaders and members come together annually since 1999.

According to coalition coordinator Frederick Krueger, this year’s Washington Week program served to remind legislators that people of faith believe we need strong legislation now to fight against climate change.  "Religion reminds government of its moral responsibility to people before private interests. Senator Barbara Boxer told our religious delegation several years ago that the most powerful voice in the Congress is the voice of religion. `But we hardly ever see you,' she said, `especially on environmental issues'," Krueger wrote NRCCC members.