World Teachers’ Day

Thank you Teachers!

Teachers around the world take on the enormous task of preparing students to become the next generation of citizens, voters, consumers, family members and leaders in their communities. They not only serve as educators, but often take on the roles of counselor and friend as well. They deserve our praise every day, and every year, but this year especially.

This year teachers had to rapidly transform their crafted, tried and true lessons to online platforms. Every day they juggle how to engage their students digitally, keep their students and families safe and manage all of the other struggles this year has presented.

Whether you are teaching in person, online or hybrid, we thank you for your efforts!

We especially want to thank our incredible network of Earth Day Schools who, in the midst of this year's chaos, have remained committed to teaching their students the importance of protecting the environment. Our teachers have used math, art, writing, computer programming and many other creative lessons to teach their students about the Earth and how to be responsible stewards. Their students will leave their class with the skills to change the world and be empowered to protect our planet's ecosystems and vulnerable communities.

Earth Day schools

Share one of these cards with your favorite teachers to show them how much you appreciate them!

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