Green Cities

Week in Review: Environmental News for Nov. 10-16

We are still without EPA leadership committed to protecting us.
We lost an environmental leader and friend, Antonio González.
Hoorah for science! The annual American Association for the Advancement of Science Journalism Awards were announced, as well as the Forbes “30 Under 30 In Science 2019.”
There’s a high cost for inaction on climate change.
Yes, there’s a connection between climate change and California’s wildfires.
… and the climate change is a threat public health.
The midterm election votes have been counted and there is some good news for climate action and environmental protection.
We need more diversity in the environmental movement.
City leaders are continuing to step up on climate change.
Species need our help in ensuring they are protected.
On America Recycles Day, we were reminded that we have a long way to go in reducing plastic pollution. Photo: CalFire