Join our second volunteer workshop to learn how you can keep leading in 2021

Wednesday, June 2nd from 1-1:50 PM EST

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Individuals like you are making a difference in their local communities. You and your fellow volunteers are the reason that more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world. Today, we invite you to be a part of EARTHDAY.ORG to help further climate action across the globe. Together, We will Restore Our Earth.

  • Awards and Recognition to our top volunteers, Terra Pascarosa, National Campaign Director
    • Michelle Wiseman is an amazing partner and Director of Waste Diversion & Outreach for the City of Atlanta Mayor Bottom’s Office of One Atlanta
    • Dilshad Dinshaw, a top volunteer and student at GWU
    • Ben Auger – Shining partner and Sustainability Program Manager for Education & Outreach at George Mason University
    • Sarah Paulos – Amazing faith leader and Community Engagement and Programs Manager for Interfaith Power & Light
    • Tracey Leverty – Long-standing VA partners and Environmental Programs Director at Keep Virginia Beautiful
    • Gwen Cassidy – Amazing VA partner and Owner of Managing Love
    • Kim Noble – Wonderful partner Chief Operations Officer for Green the Church
  • Vote on our new name for EARTHDAY.ORG Supporters
    • Earth Shakers
    • Team Earth
    • Tree Huggers
    • Global Guardians
    • Earth Squad
  • Introduction to our National Restore Our Earth Campaigns – Evan Raskin, National Campaign Manager
  • Regional Volunteer Coordinator Recruitment in NW, SW, MidWest, NE, SE, and Mid-Atlantic
  • The Social Squad at EARTHDAY.ORG, Peter Burr, Digital Media Associate


Are you part of an organization that wants to make a difference? The partnerships we form with local and national groups are essential to the success of Earth Day.
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If you are organizing an event on or near Earth Day, please add the event to our map to boost attendance and give your local efforts global recognition. This map is open to everyone regardless of partnership.