Valentine’s Day

happy valentine's day!

Valentine's is a day to celebrate the ones who are closest to us, even when we can't physically be close to them. We could not have made it through the difficulties of this past year without the support of our friends and loved ones. It is more important than ever to spread love for each other, and for the planet! We made these Valentine's cards to help you do just that.

Unfortunately, many of our favorite parts of Valentine's Day are not sustainable! From carbon heavy industries, to food waste, to plastic wrappers galore - Valentine's Day isn't so sweet for the planet. Let's show some love for the planet by rethinking some our favorite romantic gestures.

Whether you are celebrating in person or planning a romantic Zoom date, check out these fun ways to make your Valentine's Day more sustainable.

  • Make a locally sourced, plant-based dinner for you and your special someone. The lower the carbon footprint, the higher the romance!
  • Give DIY gifts or repurpose something from a thrift shop. Transform items into something new and exciting, just like your budding relationship.
  • Give flowers that last. Consider potted plants for someone's yard or balcony. By gifting native plants you are showing your love for pollinators too! You can even buy your sweetie a tree for $1 through our Canopy Project campaign.
  • Buy bling from fair trade and ethically sourced jewelers. Your darling's sparkly gifts should show off how much you care about them, and the planet!
  • Go nuts for fair-trade chocolate. Helping protect Earth's species and forests is a treat!
  • Wrap your gifts in something repurposed or reusable. Cut down on paper and plastic waste and show off your creativity.

Use these cards to share your love for your friends, your darlings and your planet!

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