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The New Environmentalists

Each year the Goldman Prize awards six international activists of their extraordinary environmental grassroots campaigns. “The New Environmentalists: From Ithaca to the Amazon” makes its national debut this month on PBS. The Emmy winning series is narrated by Robert Redford and features the extraordinary stories of the 2014 Goldman Prize winners. These environmentalists fight for justice, putting their lives at risk for the protection of their people and future generations. Some with no prior grassroots experience, this year’s Goldman Prize nominees come from all corners of the Earth: Desmond D’Sa (South Africa), Ramesh Agrawal (India), Suren Gazaryan (Russia), Rudi Putra (Indonesia), Helen Slottje (New York, USA), and Ruth Buendia (Peru). These heroes shut down coal mines, toxic dumps, dams, deforestation projects, illegal palm oil plantations, and fracking. Bringing together communities to preserve natural resources, heritage, and health, The New Environmentalists share an inspiring strength. Check your local PBS listings and tune in to catch the show: THIRTEEN-WNET, New York City, November 9 at 2:00pm KCET, Los Angeles, November 9 at 6:00pm WGBH, Boston, November 9 at 7:30pm KERA, Dallas, November 10 at 10:30pm WORLD (PBS’s national digital feed), November 11 at 9:30pm ET / 10:30pm PT KQED, San Francisco, (rebroadcast) November 12 at 6:30am and 12:30pm WETA, Washington DC, November 15 at 5:00pm WHYY, Philadelphia, December 1 at 5:30pm WTTW, Chicago, December 16 at 10:30pm Check out previous inspiring stories:  The New Environmentalists 2013 – From Chicago to The Karoo and The New Environmentalists 2012 – From Kenya to the Arctic Circle