Climate Action

The Learning Climate: Get Ready for a Weekend of Green

With the 4th of July approaching, people across the country are planning lake trips, camping adventures, relaxing days on the beach.  As you make plans to barbeque with friends or see some fireworks, we at Earth Day Network urge you to think about the environment. Be environmentally conscience this holiday! As you roll up to the grocery store with a list of classics including hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, dip, take the initiative and buy organic meats. This list will help you read meat labels. The production and distribution of livestock contributes to the release of greenhouse gases and, ultimately, climate change. With this in mind you might want to avoid meat all together and try out some veggie burgers, or just toss some veggies on the grill. There are many meat substitutes, recipes, and grilling methods out there, so get creative. Whether you are planning on going to a friend’s house or out to a venue to celebrate the 4th of July, you have a plenty of options to get where you are going. When planning your day, try to carpool with friends or avoid horrendous traffic all together by taking public transportation. Or make a day of it and bike to your favorite family picnic spot. When it comes time to wrap the night up, and you realize you bought way too much food, package leftovers in reusable containers. The containers will also come in handy at neighborhood potlucks. Have fun; be safe and environmentally conscious this 4th of July! The Education Team