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The Connection Between Climate Change and Extreme Weather

How is climate change connected to extreme weather? Below, we’ve roundup up reports and posts by scientists and experts to explain the connection between climate change and extreme weather.

The Difference Between Weather and Climate

“Though they are closely related, weather and climate aren’t the same thing. Climate is what you expect. Weather is what actually happens…” More from NOAA….

Climate Change and Its Impact on Extreme Weather

NOAA’s Climate Extremes Index Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Special Report on Global Warming

Climate Change and Extreme Temperatures (Hot and Cold)

Climate Change and Hurricanes

“Hurricanes are strengthening faster in the Atlantic, and climate change is a big reason why, scientists say” (Chris Mooney and Brady Dennis, Washington Post)
The study, published in Nature Communications, describes its conclusion in blunt language, finding that the Atlantic already has seen “highly unusual” changes in rapid hurricane intensification, compared to what models would predict from natural swings in the climate. That led researchers to conclude that climate change played a significant role….More…

Climate Change and Precipitation

How does climate change affect precipitation? (NASA)
Rising temperatures will intensify the Earth’s water cycle, increasing evaporation. Increased evaporation will result in more storms, but also contribute to drying over some land areas. As a result, storm-affected areas are likely to experience increases in precipitation and increased risk of flooding, while areas located far away from storm tracks are likely to experience less precipitation and increased risk of drought.