Climate Action

Thank You for Taking Action!

During the past couple of weeks, over a billion people in 192 countries participated in Earth Day and built an impressive digital display capturing The Face of Climate Change. Around the world people organized rallies, demonstrations, clean ups, tree plantings, educational events, festivals, and more to protect the environment. We can’t stop there. The environmental challenges of our time are urgent, and solving them will require a sustained, coordinated effort from people around the globe. We must continue our efforts to protect the planet, build momentum, and inspire our communities and leaders to create the change necessary to achieve a sustainable future. Earth Day Network will continue to collect and display photos depicting The Face of Climate Change to support the growing climate change movement. Your stories have been inspiring and are essential to building the movement; keep them coming! But don’t stop there; there are lots of other ways you can get involved throughout the year. A Billion Acts of Green® is an ongoing campaign that inspires and aggregates individual acts of environmental service around the world. We reached our goal of one billion actions, and we’re now shooting for two billion! Pledge your Act of Green here. Also, check out our Green Schools campaign. We provide education materials to help build awareness about environmental issues. Help us green a school in your community! Through The Canopy Project, Earth Day Network also plants millions of trees around the world – in the places that need them most. Trees are important in fighting climate change, providing soil stability, restoring wildlife habitat, stabilizing local economies and more. Learn how you can contribute here. Most importantly, we must all continue our efforts to live more sustainably and inspire our communities to protect the environment. Our children’s future depends on it. Remember, a lot of little actions add up to something big. Lastly, Earth Day 2014 will be here before you know it. It’s never too early to start planning how you’re going to make a difference!