Climate Action

Support the Climate Change Education Act!

In order to create the next generation of environmentalists, action must be taken now to education young people about the dangers of climate change. That’s why a day prior to Earth Day 2014, Congressman Michael Honda, a Democrat representing California’s 17th District, in the San Francisco Bay area, introduced a bill to the House of Representatives entitled the Climate Change Education Act. “As a former teacher, I understand the importance of imparting knowledge to help people make wise decisions,” Rep. Honda said upon the bill’s introduction, “By providing people clear information about climate change, in a variety of forms, we can take away the fear and the sense of helplessness, and move people to take action.” The H.R. 4461 Climate Change Education Act would allocate $20 million to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to create a new Climate Change Education Program. This program would be responsible for writing grants to support national public education and outreach, statewide public school climate change education, and improved access to higher education in green industries. This broad focus of the grants hopes to provide a varied approach to educating young people who often lack a basic understanding of climate science and climate economics. Tell your Congressperson to support the Climate Change Education Act!