Climate Action

Story of Climate Change in iTunes stores now!

“A book for all ages to learn and act on climate change. The Story of Climate Change is a perfect blend of video, interactive pictures, figures, and widgets to engage the 21st century learner. What I love most is how they blend basic climate science with the stories of those acting to make the world a better place. If you are not inspired to act upon completion of this digital textbook, then you just might be a robot. The Story of Climate Change breaks down the complexity of climate change in bite-size chunks, replete with interactive resources, from Bill Nye to Mahatma Ghandi, from Severn Sazuki to Alec Loorz. This digital textbook is engaging for both adult and adolescent. I definitely see this being a game changer for Climate Education in the American classroom and the world. I will use it in my classroom and so should you. No matter what grade you teach from k-16 there is something in this book for you.” Joshua Sneideman Author, Vice President of Learning Blade, Former Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at the US Department of Energy