Green Cities

Step Into a Magic World

Even if you never received that golden ticket, you can still glimpse a magic world. This spring you can wander through a landscape equal parts Alice’s Wonderland and Willy Wonka’s candy playground, conveniently relocated to the National Mall.  Step inside, stroll through a bright landscape, a virtual wood where a long river winds through wide fields dotted with colorful, sculpted trees, and fruit bigger than your head! But instead of sugar, this natural playground—suitable for both kids and kids at heart—is made out of Alcantara, a unique material that looks a bit like suede, and almost feels like it, too, but is completely 100% carbon neutral. From the creation of the product, to its ultimate end and disposal, Alcantara releases a net zero amount of excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The company that makes Alcantara achieves this not only by cutting emissions from its plants, but by participating in carbon-cutting projects around the world. They are committed to playing their part and helping us all combat the effects of climate change. Alcantara is used in furniture, clothing, jewelry, vehicles—and now, magic gardens—worldwide. Such a special (and secret!) technology is great way to teach both the young—and not-so-young— that our world is extraordinary and worth the time, thought, and effort to figure out how to preserve it. You can visit this magical land on the National Mall from April 17 – 19, when the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day. (Look for the Alcantara Magic Garden-Connect4Climate Pavilion near the Washington Monument). We at Connect4Climate could think of no better partner than the creative minds at Alcantara to demonstrate that our future world can be environmentally responsible, beautiful to behold, and a feast for the senses.


ABOUT CONNECT4CLIMATE: Launched by the World Bank Group and the Italian Ministry of Environment, Connect4Climate (C4C) is a global platform of over 220 partners that includes civil society, media networks, international organizations, academic institutions, youth groups and the private sector.  It’s a global community that takes on climate change, promotes solutions and empowers action. For more information, visit The Alcantara Magic Garden can be found on the National Mall, right by the Washington Monument from April 17 – 19 in the Alcantara-Connect4Climate Pavilion.