Green Cities

Spotlight Green City: Jackson, MS

Through the Green Cities campaign, Earth Day Network is working to help cities transition to a cleaner, healthier and more economically viable future through improvements in efficiency, investments in renewable technology and regulation reform. Earth Day Network is excited to be partnering with the city of Jackson, Mississippi as one of our highlight cities in the campaign. The city of Jackson is already off to a good start. It has proven its dedication to environmental protection through programs like hazardous waste disposal, litter removal and adoption of public space for cleanup and maintenance. Local Jacksonians are doing their part, as well. Hundreds have dedicated their time to cleaning up city streets and educating their peers on the importance of environmental protection. Projects like annual tree plantings, litter-free sports events, and graffiti removal encourage people to get involved in the well-being of their city. Jackson is full of hard-working, inspired citizens dedicated to helping the capital reach its full potential. Jackson’s former mayor, Chokwe Lumumba, promoted a sustainability plan as part of his vision for the future. His leadership set Jackson on the right path towards achieving its goal. His recent passing has been a great loss for the city; however, Jackson is committed to making Chokwe Lumumba’s vision a reality. Earth Day Network has begun work with Jackson to organize a Green City Advisory Committee. The committee will work with local organizations, professionals and citizens to determine the most effective course of action for the city. Earth Day Network will work with the committee to determine and implement programs that will reduce waste in Jackson, improve efficiency, and promote the local economy. Earth Day Network is looking forward to working with Jackson in the coming months to improve sustainability in Mississippi’s capital. Together we will make Jackson the most sustainable city in the southeast!