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Tom Steyer, Laura Lane, and Peter Shapiro to be Honored at 2022 Annual Climate Leadership Gala Presented by EARTHDAY.ORG

Washington, D.C. – EARTHDAY.ORG will host the 2022 Climate Leadership Gala on Earth Day, April 22, at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. The event will bring together 300 industry leaders from the world of tech, finance, arts, conservation, policy, philanthropy, and more to celebrate climate achievements, track progress, and honor transformative leadership in the environmental movement.

“There has never been a greater moment of opportunity to Invest In Our Planet and change the trajectory of the defining crisis of our time. Earth Day 2022 is the moment when we all come together to act on climate change – individuals, businesses and governments. This year’s honorees are leading the way to create widespread awareness and accelerate critical action for climate change solutions,” said Kathleen Rogers, President, EARTHDAY.ORG. 

Peter Shapiro, Founder of Dayglo Presents, will receive the inaugural Climate Artist Leadership Award for his extraordinary efforts to leverage the power of music to raise awareness about the threat of global climate change and promote solutions. He has owned and operated renowned venues such as the Brooklyn Bowl, The Capitol Theatre, and Wetlands Preserve and produced multiple Earth Day events on the National Mall, including the March for Science and the Climate Rally. Additionally, he is currently the Chairman of HeadCount, one of the leading youth voter engagement and participation organizations in America. 

This year, EARTHDAY.ORG will be honoring Laura Lane, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of UPS, with the 2022 Women in the Green Economy Award for her stalwart effort to ensure UPS helps improve the well-being of 1 billion lives by 2040 and achieves carbon neutrality by 2050. As a purpose-driven company working to meet rigorous ESG commitments, Laura and her team at UPS are helping maintain momentum towards environmental progress while moving our world forward by delivering what matters.

Tom Steyer, Co-Executive Chair, Galvanize Climate Solutions, will receive the 2022 Climate Visionary Award in recognition of his exceptional leadership on climate change. Through decades of work as a businessman, philanthropist, environmental activist, political candidate and more, he has demonstrated bold leadership and an unflagging commitment to solving the challenge of climate change in a manner that honors the contributions and sacrifices of the workers in fossil fuel communities, provides justice to impacted marginalized communities, and builds an innovative and strong green economy with opportunity for all.

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