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Solitaire Grand Harvest launched environmental missions for Earth Day 2020

This year, to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Solitaire Grand Harvest – the highest grossing free online solitaire game – launched a unique event. In support of Earth Day Network – the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement – the 2 million people who play Solitaire Grand Harvest every day engaged with key messages on the importance of tackling climate change and environmental degradation.

Why now?

Now in its 50th year, Earth Day began on April 22, 1970 in the United States and mobilized 20 million Americans — at the time, 10% of the total population— to join public events to raise awareness and concern for the environment.

Since then, Earth Day has gone global to over 190 countries and reaches over 1 billion people each year making it the most widely observed civic event on the planet.

This year, with widespread lockdown measures making many physical events and gatherings impossible, Earth Day 2020 focused efforts on digitally engaging people in order to communicate the paramount need for action on climate change. More than 8.5 million individuals joined Earth Day on a day of action.

Why Solitaire Grand Harvest?

Solitaire Grand Harvest is a leading title within the free online card game space and is based in a natural world setting. By successfully completing solitaire-based games, players are given the chance to grow virtual plants and harvest crops.

For the first time, Solitaire Grand Harvest players participated in online activities that promote the importance of giving back to the Earth including:

⦁ Forest restoration missions – players are given the chance to virtually grow trees and restore forests in order to win in-game rewards
⦁ Beach clean activities – in order to uncover in-game prizes that are buried in the sand, players need to clean up virtual beaches by removing litter and plastic waste
⦁ Recycling competitions – groups of players are able to compete to remove and recycle virtual litter within the game
All players have the chance to watch their own “Giving Tree” grow as they progress through the various special missions and activities for Earth Day 2020. The “Giving Tree” is a tree containing the whole world, demonstrating the impact that environmental activism can have on our entire global ecosystem.

Yuval Dor, Game Owner at Solitaire Grand Harvest said, “It is a privilege to be supporting Earth Day 2020. We want to ensure that, even under lockdown, the 50th Earth Day inspires more people than ever before to think about the importance of our natural world and the threats posed by climate change and pollution. Our in-game activities portray a fundamental message – together, small actions by individuals can make a world of difference”.

“It is vital that everyone understands the urgent need to safeguard our planet for future generations. Thank you to Solitaire Grand Harvest and its players for helping spread the message of Earth Day 2020 worldwide,” said Kathryn Stoddard, Vice President of Marketing & Development at Earth Day Network.

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