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Kastlfel Teams with Zoo & Aquarium Operator Service Systems Associates on Earth Day 2019 Apparel to benefit Earth Day Network

For Immediate Release March 28th 2019 For More Information: Jerry Wheeler 303-550-3750 Email: [email protected]

Kastlfel Teams with Zoo & Aquarium Operator Service Systems Associates on Earth Day 2019 Apparel to benefit Earth Day Network

LAKEWOOD, CO – Kastlfel and Service Systems Associates (SSA) this week announced a limited edition charity apparel partnership for the 49th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2019. Kastlfel, known for its sustainable Trash. Shred. Spin. WearÒ and “How Things are Made Matters” campaigns, makes unique tee shirts and other apparel from recycled plastic bottles and cotton that tell a story. The exclusive Kastlfel collection benefiting Earth Day Network for women, men, and children is available on starting April 1, and at select zoo, museum and aquarium gift shops operated by Service Systems Associates (SSA). Earth Day Network, whose mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide, has designated 2019 as a crucial year to protect species from extinction. Today’s world is facing the greatest rate of extinction since we lost the dinosaurs more than 60 million years ago. But unlike the fate of dinosaurs, today’s rapid rate of extinction is the result of human activity. “The good news is that extinctions can still be slowed, and many of our declining, threatened, and endangered species can still recover if we work together now to build a united global movement of consumers, voters, educators, leaders and scientists to demand immediate action,” says Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network. The campaign is particularly focused on bees, giraffes, elephants, insects, coral reefs and whales. “Kastlfel shirts have a unique story to tell and connecting this story with cause driven groups and companies like Earth Day Network and SSA is a great opportunity to make an impact. We feel it’s important for consumers to know how their product is made, right down to being printed in Colorado with water-based inks, because their choices do make a difference,” stated Jerry Wheeler, CEO. Adding to the Earth Day Network campaign with Kastlfel is Service System Associates Inc. (SSA), the nation’s largest operator of zoo, museum, cultural attractions and aquarium gift shops, offering this collection of garments for sale in select locations across the U.S. to coordinate with their national conservation and sustainability efforts. “SSA continues to be environmentally focused with our products and partnering with Kastlfel and Earth Day Network illustrates these efforts for our millions of guests,” stated Andrew Fischer, SSA Director of Sustainability / Conservation. About Kastlfel: Kastlfel challenges the status quo to find new ways to make things better by making better things. The company crafts sustainable apparel that embraces and celebrates creativity, innovation, and responsibility. Kastlfel turns recycled materials into super-soft apparel printed with water-based inks. The company focuses on quality and environmentally friendly production through all aspects of our company. For more information About Earth Day Network: Earth Day Network is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, working with more than 75,000 partners in nearly 192 countries to build environmental democracy. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world. Earth Day Network works through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns. For more information . About Service Systems Associates: SSA is a family owned and operated company focusing on retail and culinary services for attractions across the United States. As an industry leader delivering innovative retail and culinary services with exceptional results, SSA partners with approximately 60 cultural attractions and serves well over 32 million visitors annually. Founded almost 50 years ago, SSA is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information