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Kassel celebrates their 30th Earth Day Festival on April 26th, 2020.

Kassel has celebrated Earth Day as a unique street festival for 30 years. Earth Day Kassel, anchored in the region of Northern Hesse, is the largest and most colorful event in Germany to celebrate Earth Day.

This event began in 1990 after a 25-year-old German student returned from a year long internship in the US and joined the German Earth Day office to spread environmental efforts through Germany. A Kassel-based Greenpeace group then developed the idea of German Earth Day into an environmental street festival.

Since then, different city district is closed to motorized traffic for 1km to make room for the Earth Day festival, in which more than 200 speakers from a broad spectrum of ecological, social, cultural as well as political backgrounds speak to 15,000 – 20,000 visitors from the region.

Broad Spectrum of Information and Offers for Visitors

On Earth Day Kassel visitors young and old alike are offered a wide range of information on voluntary initiatives and associations, opportunities to participate in different activities like a tree-rally, tightrope walks and juggling, and making crafts like pottery, sustainable clothing, seedlings, environmentally friendly cosmetics, and much more. There is also an array of culinary options as well-all vegetarian, focusing on organic, regional and seasonal products. The day is complimented by a cultural programme with musicians and local artists.

17 Sustainable Development Goals

Earth Day Kassel’s values are built on the 17 sustainable development goals, reflected in the exhibits, good, and services during the event. Integrating these values, the aim of Earth Day Kassel is to inform visitors about aspects of a sustainable lifestyle addressing different topics like consumption, mobility, food, communal living and alternative business models.

UmweltHaus Kassel e.V. connects environmental initiatives

UmweltHaus is organising Earth Day Kassel with the support of Keller & Gruber GbR and the city of Kassel and their sponsors. UmweltHaus is a contact and advice platform as well as a meeting point for people who are interested in environmental issues. The association, located in the city centre of Kassel, organises information events and debates as well as conferences on environmental and social topics.

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