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Juhu Beach Gears Up for Mega Cleanup Event on World Cleanup Day

Juhu Beach Gears Up for Mega Cleanup Event on World Cleanup Day

Mumbai, India (September 5, 2023)- Earth Day Network India is proud to announce a spectacular environmental event set to take place at Juhu Beach, nestled near Birla Garden in Mumbai, on September 16, in celebration of World Cleanup Day. Commencing at 8:00 am (IST), and concluding at 11:00 am (IST), this event promises an inspiring array of activities aimed at addressing plastic pollution and promoting sustainable living practices.

“It’s critical for us to pick up the plastics littering our shores because they release harmful microplastics, which have been shown to cause some cancers,” said Karunah Singh, Regional Director of Asia at EARTHDAY.ORG. “We must take decisive action today, aligning with the Earth Day 2024 theme ‘Planet vs. Plastics,’ to advocate for a 60% reduction in plastic production by 2040. A plastic-free future is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. “

The event features a wide range of engaging activities, including expert-led sessions on eliminating plastic at its source, an art competition featuring Municipality kids, and the “Art Corner Best out of Waste” where attendees can get creative with recycling. Art enthusiasts will be treated to a showcase of environmental art exhibits conveying powerful messages about the importance of conservation.

Entertainment will be diverse and engaging, featuring: an invigorating African Drum Circle, traditional dance performances by Fisherfolks and Koli women in their colorful traditional attire, a dynamic “Planet vs. Plastics” Flash Mob, freedom for attendees to express their creativity on the theme “Planet vs. Plastics,” an “Invocation dance: Love of the Earth” by an international Polish artist, captivating Sand Art by a renowned artist, and thought-provoking Street Theater centered on the theme “Planet vs. Plastics.”

The event will feature esteemed guests, including a Bollywood singer and celebrity judge Hrishikesh Chury, celebrity artists, Influencer and Environmentalist Shreya Ghodawat, India Ambassador of SHE changes climate, who will emphasize the vital role of women in climate action, and government representatives addressing environmental concerns.

“Mumbai’s Juhu beach is inundated with over 1.5 lakh kg of trash daily during the monsoon season, consisting of plastic, household garbage, and fecal matter levels far exceeding safe limits,” said Debrapriya Dutt, Director of Projects, South and South East Asia, at EARTHDAY.ORG. “This World Cleanup Day, let’s take action and reclaim our pristine shores, restoring the beauty and safety of Mumbai’s beaches for generations to come.”

To ensure a comfortable and eco-conscious experience, attendees are advised to carry an umbrella (preferably), their own water bottle, and attire suitable for potentially getting dirty.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact: : Debapriya Dutt, Director of Projects, South and South East Asia at EARTHDAY.ORG at [email protected] or (+91) 9830725838.


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