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EARTHDAY.ORG Launches Six-Month Countdown to Earth Day

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – EARTHDAY.ORG, the global organizer of Earth Day, is celebrating its half birthday. Each year, EARTHDAY.ORG highlights the most pressing environmental issues of our time. This year’s Restore Our Earth campaign demands bold action to restore natural systems and implement emerging green technologies. From reforestation to biodiversity conservation to global cleanups and regenerative agriculture – EARTHDAY.ORG is spearheading initiatives both local and global to combat the devastation of the planet.

With six months to Earth Day, EARTHDAY.ORG is asking folks around the globe to pick up at least one piece of trash in order to help the earth heal from widespread pollution. Send a photo picking up trash along with your name to [email protected], and you could be featured in an upcoming Earth Day Heroes feature! If everyone participates in this small act, it can have an enormous impact.

“Fifty years ago, millions demanded action to protect the environment in the United States. Today, we’re a global force who will not stand for inaction from our leaders on climate change. We are working with partners and volunteers around the world to make an effort toward climate restoration on a global scale,” said Kathleen Rogers, President, EARTHDAY.ORG

To learn more about the Restore Our Earth campaign, visit


EARTHDAY.ORG’s mission is to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Growing out of the first Earth Day (1970), EARTHDAY.ORG is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, working with more than 50,000 partners in nearly 192 countries to build environmental democracy. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world. Learn more at

Press Contact: Olivia Altman [email protected]