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EARTHDAY.ORG and Alliance Media Joined Forces Once Again to Inspire Africa with the “Be the Face of Change” Campaign

EARTHDAY.ORG and Alliance Media Joined Forces Once Again to Inspire Africa with the ‘Be the Face of Change’ Campaign

Washington, D.C. (May 25, 2023)- EARTHDAY.ORG, the global organizer of Earth Day and lead recruiter to the environmental movement worldwide, is pleased to announced its continued partnership with Alliance Media, a prominent African outdoor advertising company. Through this partnership, they shared the inspiring “Be The Face Of Change” campaign across Africa. This initiative aimed to empower individuals and communities to take action towards a more sustainable future.

Building on the success of the previous collaboration, Alliance Media provided extensive ad space throughout Africa to support EARTHDAY.ORG’s important mission. The “Be The Face Of Change” campaign was showcased on digital billboards, reaching diverse audiences across the continent.

This year’s campaign focused on the power of individual actions and the collective impact they could have on our planet. By highlighting stories of change-makers and their contributions to a sustainable future, “Be The Face Of Change” encouraged everyone to play an active role in preserving and protecting our Earth.

EARTHDAY.ORG’s “Be The Face Of Change” out-of-home campaign originated in the United States through collaboration with OAAA and Extra Credit Projects (ECP). To view the 2023 Earth Day campaign creative, click here.

EARTHDAY.ORG is a global non-profit organization that leads environmental initiatives worldwide. Through education, advocacy, and action, EARTHDAY.ORG empowers individuals, communities, and organizations to address pressing environmental challenges and create a sustainable future for our planet. To learn more, please visit:

About Alliance Media:
Alliance Media is a leading outdoor advertising company with a strong presence across Africa. With their extensive network of billboards and digital displays, Alliance Media is committed to supporting impactful campaigns that inspire positive change and social progress. To learn more , please visit: