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Earth Day Network India Announces Release of ‘Star Municipal Leadership Awards’ eBook

Earth Day Network India Announces Release of Star Municipal Leadership Awards eBook

Washington D.C. (May 17, 2023)- Earth Day Network India launched the ‘Earth Day Network Star Municipal Leadership Awards’ for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This initiative commends municipal bodies in India whose policies and actions make a significant positive impact on the environment.

To mark the 53rd Anniversary of Earth Day, Earth Day Network India released the eBook Star Municipal Leadership Awards. This has write ups on 53 of our ‘Star Municipal Leadership’ awardees across the length and breadth of the sub-continent.

Each of the 53, in cities with large constituencies as well as in small towns, were commended for the exemplary policies and initiatives they had implemented to help protect and increase our natural wealth; manage various categories of waste; grow the green cover; switch to renewable energies; and support green mobility. In addition, read about ways to encourage constituents to adopt sustainable lifestyles as delineated in the Government of India’s LiFE Mission.

Each awardee receives a beautiful trophy made of Sholapith or Shola (known as herbal ivory). Shola is an aquatic herb which grows in the wild, in marshy, waterlogged areas in West Bengal, India.

Dr Shelly Oberoi, the Mayor of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, was delighted to receive the ‘Earth Day Network Star Municipal Leadership’ trophy from Earth Day Network India for their 100-day campaign to make the areas under the municipal corporation free of plastic litter that culminated on Earth Day 2023.

Karuna Singh, Regional Director of Asia at EARTHDAY.ORG, congratulated all the Municipal Bodies for their leadership to Invest In Our Planet, the global theme for Earth Day 2023. Ms. Singh called upon all – businesses, governments, and citizens – to also do their bit to Invest in Our Planet. “No act is too small. Every act counts,” she said.

To read the Star Municipal Leadership Awards ebook, please click here.


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