Climate Action

Prayers for the Earth

Since 1989, Christians have been coming together spiritually to pray for creation. Every September 1, Christians—from wherever they are: a train, bus, office, home, school, or even online—take a moment to reflect on the significance of all life on earth. This year, representatives from Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and Episcopalian churches will guide participants in a service of prayer, silence, and reflection.  Since its inception, the day has transformed into a month long celebration and includes resources for people of all faiths—Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and more—to join in prayer together. The Season of Creation will run through October 4th. Christians are encouraged to pray and care for the earth and its creations over the coming month. Faith groups are vocal in their contribution to the fight against climate change. Pope Francis has encouraged millions to care for our common home on Earth Day 2015 and since delivered an environmental encyclical, Laudato Si, directed at people of all faiths to care for our planet and our poor. Pope Francis is continuing his legacy of environmental awareness by encouraging Christians of all denominations to pray today. Faith based organizations are going green in their buildings and homes while advocating for strong environmental standards. Many religions have also issued statements on climate change and have come together to sign petitions to pressure political leaders to sign the Paris Agreement. Last year a religious pilgrimage to Paris for COP21 was mobilized by Christian organizations to unite voices for climate justice. Interfaith groups will continue to be a positive force in bringing people together to call for strong environmental action both at home and in the global political arena.