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Follow our simple guide to make the most out of your cleanup. If you need any help, reach out to us at [email protected].

  • Decide who will be organizing the cleanup. Whether it is your friends, your organization, or just you!
  • Invite members from local government, civic organizations, clubs, homeowner associations, churches and media to serve on a cleanup planning committee. Having a diverse coalition can help the event run well. 
  • Appoint site captains who will manage the event and designate roles to assure cleanup goes smoothly.

  • Choose a public location: a park, a river, or a similar community site that is ideally accessible by public transportation or bicycle. Also check to see if you need any necessary local permissions
  • Select a date.
    • TIP: Earth Day is on April 22nd and World Cleanup Day is on the Third Saturday in September
  • Select a Time: Depending on where you are, choose a time that allows for plenty of daylight and comfortable temperatures for volunteers. Most cleanups happen between 9:00am and 11:00am.

  • Register your cleanup so it appears on the Great Global Cleanup Map and is connected to our global network of volunteers
  • Advertise your cleanup to your organization, family, friends, and/or community members
    • TIP: people from different organizations and associations can help turn out volunteers and bridge community members through the cleanup; i.e.: A reverend asking their ministry)
  • Use Facebook or Eventbrite to create the event and manage volunteer sign up, and share event information.
  • Download the GGC Partner toolkit to check out other social media resources

  • Ask for donations of trash bags, refreshments, and equipment.
    • TIP: Local hardware stores are usually willing to donate these resources
  • Coordinate with local waste management through a short phone call to ensure everything is being disposed of in accordance with rules and regulations.
  • Be sure that contributors get credit for their donations in cleanup promotions
  • Gather supplies
    • Important Items To Have:
      • Trash Bags or Buckets
      • Trash Grabbers 
      • First Aid Kit 
      • Gloves and Hand Sanitizer 
      • Water/ Snacks
      • Table and chairs (we recommend two tables, one 6’ and the other 4’)
      • Event Signage
      • Download and print this QR code to have the attendees sign the Global Plastic Treaty petition

  • Closer to the date, check the weather and plan to dress appropriately. Wear something you don’t mind getting dirty! 
  • Send a reminder the night before or day of to all participants and key individuals that you hope to attend. 
  • Invite local media outlets to cover the event and spread awareness 
  • As a leader, arrive to the event early to set up before volunteers arrive

  • Safety is key. Two people make a team! Wear gloves, and closed toe shoes. Bring a hat, sunscreen & reusable water bottle
  • Keep the environment safe
    • Vegetation is sensitive and wildlife is best kept wild
  • What to remove:
    • Trash and Litter (Anything created by humans)
    • Recyclables
  • What to leave:
    • Nature
    • Homeless Encampments
    • Dead Animals
    • Syringes, needles, and other hazardous materials.

  • Find a location to properly dispose of all of the waste you will clean up! 
  • Sort the waste into trash, recyclables, and hazardous waste.
    • If you are unsure of where to dispose of any of this waste contact your local municipality's waste department for further instruction

  • Record your cleanup here
  • Take pictures before and after your collection and share to twitter and instagram. Use handles #GreatGlobalCleanup, #TrashTag, and #Plogging
  • Post your event on social media. Tag us at @thegreatglobalcleanup on Instagram and TikTok.
  • Share your images with local newspapers, magazines, and EARTHDAY.ORG
  • Write thank you emails to any cooperating government officials, businesses, and organizations.

A partnership with The Great Global Cleanup means you will be involved year round in the work our organization does.

This will mean a partnership with our activities for World Cleanup Day and engagement with partners such as Let’s Do It World and National CleanUp Day. Join our coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals committed to achieving our mutual goals of protecting our environment through community outreach and networking.