Climate Action

Paris fashion event tackles sustainability for Earth Day 2020

The runway is unsustainable.

Clothes and fashion use huge amounts of water in the production process, and because 85 percent of clothes end up in a landfill, the fashion industry contributed to the buildup of ocean microplastics. Just as destructive, fashion has a huge carbon footprint.

“The fashion and clothes industry are, by some estimates, producing around 10 percent of global carbon emissions, making it bigger than aviation and maritime shipping combined,” said Olivia Chammas, founder of The Big Blue Project. “Yet there are all kinds of way in which the industry and consumers can help to massively bring this down.”

The Big Blue Project is a nonprofit that educates fashion and textile professionals on environmental issues related to the ocean. In the leadup to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in April, The Big Blue Project is bringing fashion designers and sustainability experts to Paris — a city internationally renowned for its fashion influence — to discuss pressing topics for eco-friendly fashion.

Topics will include the future of leather, new textile materials and business models that incorporate sustainability. The event will end on Earth Day 2020 with an award ceremony honoring an eco-aspiring designer with “Le Prix de la Creation Durable 2020” (Sustainable Creation Award).

The guest list for the Paris event includes Mariah Esa, who received wide acclaim for a collection of clothes made from thousands of discarded labels; Paris-based Amelie Marie Gaydoul, whose has created men’s clothes from 100-year-old table cloths and serviettes; and Los Angeles-born Boy Kloves, who designs using discarded clothes from big brands.

“This is the third Big Blue Project event we are holding, and we are delighted to be doing this over Earth Day 2020 under this year’s theme on climate change,” said Chammas.

To help prevent global waste this Earth Day, join The Great Global Cleanup or take to the streets on April 22, 2020, to demand climate action from industries and governments.