Climate Action

On campus the Face of Climate campaign is still going strong

Earth Day has come and gone, but The Face of Climate Change is still going strong! The campaign has received such a positive response that we will continue to collect and display photos depicting The Face of Climate Change. We want to keep sharing your stories with the world! Over the past few months, colleges and universities have been among the most eager participants in The Face of Climate Change. In fact, 142 colleges and universities have participated in the campaign. Here are some of our favorite photos and stories from around the world. These students submitted their Face of Climate Change photo from Lovely Professional University in Jalandahar, India.
Engineering majors from Zhe Jiang Ocean University in Zhou Shan City, Zhejiang Province, China wrote, “We are Environment. We hope we can do little contribution to Earth Day!”
Students from the Jaipura Institute in India sent this photo, with the caption, “We don’t plant trees for ourselves, but for our future generation”
A student from Waubonsee College in Illinois, USA sent this photo of a flash flood he had experienced after a severe thunderstorm.
Students from Dr. Whitworth’s Sustainability Class at Texas Christian University sent in their Faces of Climate Change.
These students in Macon, Georgia are taking an environmental science course together.
Students at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, in Trinidad & Tobago, discuss the issue of climate change in the Caribbean and how it can affect their community as well as their livelihoods.