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November 15 – America Recycles Day

Since 1997, November 15 has been recognized as America Recycles Day, which is the only nationally recognized day to celebrate recycling and buying recycled content products and packaging.  Thousands of local events will be held throughout the country, ranging from electronics collections and “slash the trash” to aluminum can stomp-athons and runway fashion shows featuring “trashy” couture.  In New York City’s  Washington Square Park there will be “Ready, Set, Sort” contests.  In downtown Washington, D.C. , for those that  “Get Caught Recycling” in a Dream Machine recycling bin they will be eligible for a prize.  And, on the west coast, LA LIVE will host a free, public recycling collection of electronics, light bulbs and batteries. Interested in joining an event?  Check out the America Recycles Day website to find events in your community.  Or better yet, it is not too late to host an event for America Recycles Day 2012 yourself.  With a municipal solid waste recycling rate of 34% and ever growing markets for recyclables, there is more we all can do to increase recycling.  One of the most common reasons Americans give for not recycling is that they don’t know how, when, where and what to recycle in their communities.   Organize an America Recycles Day event and share information about what is recycled in your community.   There are an array of tips, tools and templates available on theAmerica Recycles Day website to get your event moving Environmental Protection Agency estimates that each person in the U.S. generates 3.4 pounds of waste a day.  What can you do to make a difference?  Throughout the day today, think about how you can reduce the amount of waste you generate.  And, plan to recycle what you do generate.  Encourage a friend to do the same. Recycling makes a difference.  You can to. For America Recycles Day, please renew your commitment to recycling and help us make a difference today and every day.   Take the “I Recycle” pledge at http://americarecyclesday.org/.