Global Earth Challenge

New Global Earth Challenge™ app update connects citizen science to civic action

EARTHDAY.ORG is rolling out an update to its Global Earth Challenge™ app which includes a push to preserve pollinators like honey bees.

And even though it’s not Earth Day or Earth Month (that’s in April), developers say the latest update to the Global Earth Challenge™ project is ongoing and “revolutionary.”

Not only does the upgraded app use artificial intelligence to identify bugs and other natural things that people photograph, it offers opportunities each time to sign a petition, support legislation or just find out more about what citizen scientists capture on their smartphone cameras. It also contributes data to the Citizen Science Cloud, which is intended as a permanent place for professional researchers to share their data.

The update was launched today; National Honey Bee Day was celebrated earlier this month. All of the work is being done in partnership with the U.S. State Department and the Wilson Center, a nonpartisan policy forum chartered by Congress in 1968.

EARTHDAY.ORG wants to create a buzz because bees and other pollinators (which include insects and animals) are on the decline worldwide. Which is an important fact, because a world with fewer pollinators means a world with fewer crops for a growing human population.

The updated app also comes at a time when children are returning to school (virtually in many cases). So kids around the world can use it to work on citizen science projects in the months and years to come.

Find Global Earth Challenge™ in Apple App Store and at Google Play.

This article was adapted with permission from Forbes.

Photo credit for image at top: Forbes/Future via Getty Images