Climate Action

Community Outreach: Neighborhood Solar Tour

We know we need to move away from fossil fuels and push for more clean, renewable energy to help ensure a safe future on this planet — and tapping into the power of the sun is one of the many ways we can move in the right direction. Our friends at Solar United Neighbors are working to mobilize more homeowners to go solar. Their 2018 Annual Solar Tour, scheduled for the weekend of October 6-7, is a great community effort to show by example. It’s simple: homeowners with solar power sign up for a solar open house. And it’s social: meet your neighbors! Homes, businesses, organizations, and places of worship will be part of the tour. If you have solar, sign up to host a solar open house here. If you don’t have solar but want to hear about places to tour in your community, sign up here. Registration is open through August 31.