Climate Education

Neediest Schools Campaign

America’s neediest schools need your help! Believe it or not, some of our public schools operate without heating or air conditioning even in very cold climates. Why? Poor schools districts around the country just don’t have the money to keep up with their repairs. As we move into winter, Earth Day Network is working to install heating systems in two elementary and middle schools in schools in California so that our children will be able to stay healthy and learn.  When we visited these schools, what we saw shocked us: no HVAC systems. Literally no heating or air conditioning. We want to change that.


In many of the Bay Area’s districts, 40% of people live below the poverty line. Schools in these areas need to serve their poor communities better. Whether it’s heating in the winter or AC during intense heat waves, students need healthy environments to learn and to grow.


Our nation’s children are working hard to graduate despite this challenge. They deserve better schools. With $110,000 we can provide one new HVAC system and great lighting for students in two of our schools. Once we finish these project we will move on to others. Our goal is to make sure every school in America has heating systems before the cold sets in.


Our students deserve better. Help our campaign by donating.