Climate Action

It’s Time to Get Angry About Climate Change.

Have you ever seen these funny-looking birds staring at each other with their angry faces? No matter where you are from, Angry Birds has become globally popular in the past few years. That’s why we teamed up with Angry Birds to launch a global campaign to bring awareness about climate change. Earth Day Network and Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds, seek to inspire citizens of all ages to be #angryaboutclimatechange and to recognize the massive challenge that climate change presents uniting people around the world in a powerful call to action. The tournament is live for one week to coincide with the UN Climate Change week. Angry Birds is the most popular mobile video game out there. This user-friendly game is extremely addictive as it incorporates great music, fun characters, and lots of hidden treasures to produce an entertaining experience for people of all ages. How will you be making a difference through Angry Birds? The “Champions for Earth Tournament” aims to help protect our forests through promoting the Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project. The goal of the Canopy Project is to plant 10 million trees within the next five years. So far the Canopy Project has planted over 1.5 million trees in 18 countries. Why is it a tournament? You’ll be playing against Don Cheadle and Ian Somerhalder, Danny DeVito; Matt Damon, Indian superstars Anil and Sonam Kapoor; and members of Korean pop sensation VIXX! During the game, these popular Champions invite Angry Birds players to compete against them on the leaderboard, share facts about climate change and encourage fans to take action. Follow Earth Day Network and Angry Birds on Twitter (@EarthDayNetwork and @AngryBirds) to stay updated and follow latest announcements. Download Champions for Earth today!