Athletes for the Earth

If Everyone Who Watched the Super Bowl Planted a Tree

So, getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday, we talked about how incredible it is that 100 million people tune in to watch the game (and the commercials, of course!).  100 million people.  That’s a lot!  And that’s what we at Earth Day Network need –for millions of people around the world to take meaningful action to build a healthier environment and confront climate change. We mused about how awesome it would be if the 100 million people watching the Super Bowl also, through a simple click, donated a dollar to plant a tree.  100 million people.  100 million trees.  100 million trees helping with carbon sequestration, improving neighborhoods, minimizing rainwater runoff.  The benefits are real. About 9.9 billion tons of carbon dioxide are emitted each year by factories, power plants and cars burning fossil fuels, while 15 million acres of forest are deforested annually worldwide—that’s 36 football fields per minute. Planting 100 million trees is just a start to make a difference in confronting climate change. What we really need is to stop using fossil fuels.  Period. Let’s put the gears into motion. It’s our turn to lead. Donate