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Honoring Citizen Science: Goldman Environmental Prize Winner LeAnne Walters

The 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize winners were announced and we were thrilled to see citizen scientist LeeAnne Walters honored for her work to expose the Flint water crisis. Earth Day Network is proud to be one of the nominating organizations and we nominated Walters. In her acceptance speech, Walters noted, “I am just one of many who have fought for clean water over the years…. For me, this award is a symbol to my kids to fight for what is right…. Even the smallest action can make a difference… One person can make a difference, but a community is unstoppable.” (Full speech below in the video of the awards ceremony.) At Earth Day Network, we know that our collective actions have an impact and it’s great to see a citizen scientist honored for her life-saving work. It’s important for us to elevate these heroes in our communities and empower people to make positive changes. With this in mind, we are excited to be working on a citizen science project, the “Earth Challenge 2020,” which will engage one million global citizens to collect one billion data points to measure air quality, water quality, pollution and human health.”