Climate Action

Helping Nicaraguan Students Learn About the Environment

Our trip to Nicaragua and the exciting opportunities

The first week of June, Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers and I traveled to Nicaragua. Immediately upon getting to Managua, the country’s capitol city, we attended an environmental march and fair filled with students from various schools. It was incredible to see so many young people sharing an interest in the environment. At the fair, Kathleen addressed the audience and spoke on the importance of environmental education in schools around the world. As her words were translated to the primarily Spanish-speaking population, it was clear that her message was resonating with the crowd. Over the course of several days, we met with Congressman Edwin Castro and Telemaco Talavera, President of Consejo Nacional de Universidades and Advisory Minister of the President of the Republic of Nicaragua, as well as nonprofit leaders and business leaders eager to join together on an environmental education project. Both Congressman Castro and Advisory Minister Talavera expressed their “strong interest and sense of responsibility” in having a national environmental literacy program for the students of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a beautiful country with incredible biodiversity, natural resources, and of course, great young minds. Earth Day Network is excited to be working with leaders in Nicaragua on the first steps of a National Environmental Literacy Plan for the country. Along with an advisory board of educators and leaders, Earth Day Network will strive to help Nicaragua teach their children about environmental issues and decision-making skills to bolster a stronger green economy, protect the country’s biodiversity, and inform the next generation on the issues surrounding climate change in their country.