Climate Action

Growing a Canopy from the Classroom

The time for action is here! Students are taking matters into their own hands and showing support for environmental preservation! Earth Day Network is proud to share the hard work of students in Vancouver, Canada, who donated profits from their unique business to help the Canopy Project protect greenery around the world. Student groups from Sir Winston Churchill High School were recently tasked with creating their own businesses for a Junior Achievement project. From this assignment came Pyro Kendama – a student run business selling hand-designed Kendama, a traditional Japanese toy made from a wooden handle attached to a ball on a string. Interested in preserving the environment and offsetting the wood used in their business, the students behind Pyro Kendama decided that all of their profits would go to Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project. Over the course of three months, they sold 68 Kendama, and their sales have funded the planting of 500 new trees in impoverished communities across the globe. Over the past three years, Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project has worked with many organizations from all over the world to protect natural lands and preserve local greenery and we are proud to provide opportunities for people to join this global initiative. We thank all the hardworking students and groups that have taken action to further the efforts of the Canopy Project. If you are interested in spreading the green, visit the donation page to learn more!