Environmental Education

Education for Earth: Live in the Multiverse

EARTHDAY.ORG, Climate Education Coalition, and Be. are hosting a live event at Salvation in the Multiverse (on the Clipo Labs platform) to celebrate International Day of Education on January 24 from 12:00-2:00pm EST.

International Day of Education is a day to celebrate educators, students, and our dedication to building a sustainable, inclusive and peaceful future through education, while also showcasing the most vital transformations necessary to fulfill every individual’s fundamental right to an equitable education. As we continue in the race against climate change, building a brighter future requires an urgent prioritization of climate education and environmental literacy.

How do we strengthen our relationship with nature? How can we drive digital innovation in education, support teachers, protect the planet, and unlock every person’s untapped potential to contribute to our shared home and collective well-being? The answer is commitment to equitable education for all.

To access the event:

  1. Go to https://entermultiverse.io from your smartphone and you should automatically see “Multiverse - IIR” download links for iOS or Android, and then click to App Store if you are on iPhone / iPad or Google Play Store
  2. Or just look for “Multiverse - IIR” app in App Store (iPhone / iPad) or in Google Play Store for Android
  3. Download the app
  4. Sign-up and create your Avatar
  5. Tap into “Salvation” from Menu and download it to your device, when asked (it takes 1 min)
  6. Enter “Salvation” and enjoy the event

More information about the event:

  1. Make sure your device is not “muted” or in “silence mode”
  2. Make sure you don’t have any other apps running in background
  3. Grants permissions for Multiverse - IIR to your mic & camera to have a fully interactive experience (voicechat etc) 
  4. Make sure you have at least 3GB free on your device to have a fully interactive experience
  5. Use the purple mic icon walkie talkie or whatsapp style: keep it pushed to talk and release it once done to voicechat with avatars around you
  6. You can cast your smartphone to your tv to use your device as a gaming controller and fully enjoy a 4K immersive experience 
  7. You can screenrecord and screenshot you and your friend livr the same way you do it on your smartphones so you can also post live clips on your socials
  8. You can select vertical or horizontal mode by clicking on the phone icon or just flipping your device 
  9. Use / unlock the augmented reality sensors (the hexagon icon bottom right) and move your phone left to right or up and down to fully enjoy a real-time spatial panorama 360 view 
  10. Swipe/smooth push left or right on your screen while in Salvation to orientate your avatar 
  11. Swipe up the wheel yo accelerate, run or navigate on your hoverboard 
  12. Chat with the whole crowd by using the public chat or DM with your friends 
  13. Create / Fully customize your avatar 
  14. Complete Quests and get exclusive Prizes / Rewards 
  15. Connect your wallet (like Metamask & more) to unlock / upload your NFT’s to dress your avatars / trade - buy - sell your  NFT’s / access exclusive web3 / NFT’s events
  16. Once close to another avatar, select him/her to follow each other in the MV and also on IG. You’ll see a blue beam highlighting that avatar 
  17. Click on the [ eye ] icon, in proximity of main stage to “fly-through” the stage and go back
  18. Make your avatar dance, when needed 🙂 Click on the dancers icon to on/off dance moves 
  19. Gestures: use the hand icon to open all gestures to say hi, applaude somebody, kiss or jump 
  20. When you get far from main stage you’ll experience binaural / spatial dispersion audio / video like in real life: music decreases when you walk/run/hover from stage and it increases when you get back or closer to it 
  21. There’s so much more to explore