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EDN Spotlight Interview: Q&A with Max La Manna

We met Max La Manna, the zero-waste, plant-based chef behind Eating with Max, shortly before Earth Day and asked him to do a take-over of our Instagram Stories to share tips on reducing waste. Here, he answers questions for the Earth Day Network Interview. At Earth Day Network, Earth Day is every day. Tell us what you’re most proud of doing — personally or professionally, big or small — to be earth-friendly or fight for environment. Great question. I believe eating a plant-based diet and saying NO to plastic is the best way to create a change and impact. This requires a bit of effort and change within ourselves, but no task is too big or too small — small change today with mindfulness will lead to a bigger impact tomorrow. What or who motivates you? People motivate me. As I am answering these questions for you, I am sitting in a café and people are ordering coffee in paper cups with plastic lids — they drink their coffee and throw away their cups and lids afterwards. We need to be more mindful about how we use what we use. This is our one planet and our one opportunity. What’s one simple act of green or earth-friendly resolution you wish everyone would take? COMPOST! Composting provides rich nutrient soil back to nature. Healthy soil = healthy food, healthy food = healthy people. What do like to do on Earth Day each year? Well, Earth Day is every day on my calendar. I love spending time in nature — going for a hike with friends and enjoying lunch on the trail and inviting others who walk pass to join. What gives you hope for the future? Today gives me hope for the future. We are all doing our best right now and that’s all I can really ask for. If we are making conscious choices to better our environment and ourselves now, then I’m hopeful for tomorrow.